Wellness Box Experience

We hope you love your WELLNESS BOX!


Here is a playlist we made for you to unwind and meditate to.





Citrus Ginger Tea by Tea Drops (AAPI Female Founded)

By making an assortment of bagless, organic, whole leaf teas, Tea Drops sheds 15% less waste than traditional tea bags. Tea Drops has become a favorite among new and experienced tea drinkers alike, and is proud to support a female forward supply chain. 

Immunity Drops by RAE (Female Founded)

RAE lives and breathes support for well-being, including for the next generation. They donate 5% of all revenue to Girls Inc, the non-profit organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart and bold through direct service and advocacy. 

Sanitizing Wipes by EUKA (Female Founded)

For over 20 years, some of the most celebrated musical artists in the world have trusted EUKA to ensure they spend fewer days sick and more days performing in front of millions of fans.  They created a suite of tools that proactively guard and optimize respiratory wellness every day – without the use of potentially toxic ingredients that are found in many traditional treatments. After years of success as a daily wellness routine for our celebrated patients, they made it their mission to bring the power of respiratory wellness to everyone.

Calm & Clarity Mints by Neuro (AAPI Founded)

For a clean burst of energy without jitters! They give back 1% of everything - whether it’s time for the community, profits for a cause or product to non-profits.