Treat Yo Self Experience

We hope you love your TREAT YO SELF BOX!


Here is a playlist we made for you to unwind to:




 Rose Water by Soprano Labs (Female Founded)

This refreshing spray is the perfect last step to your squeaky clean routine


Fancy Shampoo Candle by Rosmarino (LGBTQ+, Female Founded)

Light this candle for the fresh scent of clean


Champagne Gummies by Wes Candy Co (Asian Owned)

These luxurious gummies are perfect for an exact treat yo’self moment! 


Face Masks by LA Gold Masks (POC) 

Apply a generous amount to clean, dry skin. Gently apply in swipe motion to desired treatment areas. Apply evenly to avoid longer dry times. Avoid eyes, hair, ears and lips. Wait 30-35 minutes OR UNTIL COMPLETELY DRY. Drying times will vary based on different skin types and levels of hydration. Gently peel off from outside areas inwards for all-at-once peel. Rinse with cold water to close pores. GUse one to three times a week depending on skin sensitivity.