Happy APIHM! We hope you love your box! 


Learn about the amazing Asian owned brands featured in your box:


SoEn Cookie Gram - Xiao Long Bao Cookie 

Nicki started SoEn Cookie Gram in late 2019 as a way of keeping herself "busy" through the hustle and bustle of mom, career, and wife-life.  It has been her artistic outlet to doing fun things from the comfort of her own home.


Brooklyn Delhi - Guntur Sannam Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is flavorful heat with a slow burn. The special Guntur Sannam peppers add a smokey, tomatoey, sweet and fruity flavor that make this sauce very special and quite addictive and the reason we don't have to add any sugar to the recipe!


Kpop Foods - Sea Snacks

KPOP Sea Snacks is a sustainably-sourced, premium roasted seaweed snack made with high quality, all-natural ingredients. Created for the everyday go-getter and easy to enjoy anywhere, these healthy and tasty snacks are perfect for the office, gym, or classroom!


Neuro - Ginger Chai Mints

Expertly developed with GABA, Vitamin D3, and L-theanine, Calm and Clarity mints are in your pocket and in your corner to help regulate mood, ease tension, and add focus.


OMSOM - Filipino Sisig + Thai Larb Sauce Packets


Filipino Sisig

Traditionally, sisig takes form as a Filipino street food or small plate (pulutan) of minced pork, but this complex sauce can infuse any type of dish with sisig’s punchy umami flavor. Earthy porcini mushroom and garlic give a savory base, while pureed calamansi (a tropical citrus fruit akin to yuzu or lime) brightens the sauce with floral tartness and gets a boost from the sugarcane vinegar. A good dose of heat from chili flakes rounds everything out for an intense harmony of flavors. We’re especially impressed by the vibrancy of its citrus flavor, as many pre-made sauces don’t capture the freshness and zest of the fruit. Deliciously thick, this version of the Filipino staple is like nothing else on the market—made with no additives, preservatives and in collaboration with Nicole Ponseca, owner of NYC’s Jeepney restaurant.



Thai Larb

Larb is a popular minced meat salad that originated in Laos that’s traditionally made with lightly-poached ground chicken and a punchy sauce with layers of complex flavor. Omson’s Larb Meal Starter makes it easy and convenient to try your hand at the dish at home—with a blend that balances the savory funk of Red Boat fish sauce (one of Milk Street’s pantry staples) with vibrant, floral lime and fruity chili heat that immediately awakens the palate. A noticeable hit of sweetness rounds out the flavors, but it’s a far cry from the cloying taste found in many Americanized Thai dishes. The true secret to a traditional larb sauce’s unique flavor, though, is the toasted rice powder that’s stirred in at the end to add nutty depth. Keeping with their commitment to cultural integrity, Omson includes a package of the aromatic addition with every portion of sauce. Not too thick and perfectly drizzly, this version of the Thai staple is like nothing else on the market—made with no additives, preservatives and in collaboration with pro chefs Chat and Ohm Suansilphong of NYC’s Fish Cheeks restaurant.