Spring Equinox

The beginning of Spring marks longer, brighter days ahead, and as nature resets, so can we.

Here are some of my faves to help, from LA (where we may have met when I was working at dosist) and Todos Santos (where I’ve been based this past year - opting for horses on the road, over cars, and happily.)

  • Undaria Algae Body Oil from OSEA Malibu, the clean, vegan skincare line born out of Southern California, and inspired by the sea.  OSEA’s seaweed-infused body oil delivers a rush of antioxidant mineral moisture that softens, nourishes and firms.  To know the family behind this brand is to love them.


  • Wellness Bath Salts with CBD & Lavender from Foria.  Inspired by the relaxing ritual of bathing, Foria’s multi-botanical CBD bath soak is formulated to renew body and mind.  From a brand whose mission is to support lifelong sexual wellness and pleasure, rooted in the wisdom of plants. 


  • Flor de Amor’s Nectar, a Botanical Pleasure Potion with Damiana.  Damiana is an ancient adaptogen used widely in Mexico and Central America, long beloved for its immune-supporting, libido-enhancing, relaxing, invigorating and fertility-boosting qualities.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting the certified organic best growers in the world here in Baja where the plant is thriving, and feel deeply inspired by it.  Celebrated and used by the Mayans as a dream enhancer, as well as for insights, mediations, and more.


  • “Setting An Intention:  11 Brief Lessons on Achieving Your Greater Good,” by Adam Taubenfligel, co-founder and Creative Director of Triarchy, a low water, sustainably produced denim brand.  But Triarchy is not just a denim brand - it’s a vehicle to educate consumers on mindful consumption. 


Happy Spring, and here’s to a season of new beginnings.

Sent with love, from a tropical cabin by the sea.  xxEmma

A huge thank you to Gyfting, which creates purpose driven gifts for all occasions, founded by women of color pushing boundaries to fill a massive hole in a billion dollar gifting industry.