PUMA Holiday

We hope you love your cozy game night in a box!



Tie Dyed Socks - FINETUNED INC. (Female Owned)

"Bringing back wearable art and flyness to the masses." finetuned inc. has been on the likes of reality television stars, musicians, musical artists and have been seen all over the world. finetuned inc. creates pieces that are one of a kind, timeless and memorable additions to your collection

Sweet Caramel Popcorn - Pop's Kernel (Black Owned) 

Pop’s Kernel handcrafts and creates their popcorn in Memphis, Tennessee.  They have a passion for individuals with special needs. Their hope is to grow our business in order to employ more high functioning special needs adults.  

Twinkly Lights Candle - Rosmarino (LGBTQ+, Female Founded) 
Rosmarino candles is a one woman operation specializing in long lasting & non toxic candles, lovingly hand-poured in small batches and finished off in recyclable, compostable, and plastic free packaging. Get the nostalgic feel of the holidays year round with this holiday candle.

Flatter Me Card Game - Pink Tiger Games  (LGBTQ+, Female Founded)

Flatter me was created by Amy Baoi and designed by Portland artist Ashley Goldberg. Designed for gift-giving purposes, each card in the game can be gifted to a loved one who just needs a reminder of how special they are! Creator Amy makes games that connect people, in a time where connection is so important.