We hope you love your PRIDE BOX!


Here is a playlist of emerging LGBTQ+ artists we made for you to celebrate PRIDE!




  • Classic Beef Jerky by Two Chicks Jerky (LGBTQ+)
    The perfect on-the-go snack made with 100% Grass Fed Beef! 
  • Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie by Baking In Vegas (LGBTQ+) 
    This stuffed cookie is absolutely delicious and has a hidden explosion of color for a sweet surprise!
  • Fancy Shampoo by Rosmarino Candles (LGBTQ+)
    Light this candle for the fresh + indulgent scent of clean.
  • Cleansing Body Bar by Alder New York (LGBTQ+)
    After lighting your Fancy Shampoo candle, refresh, smooth, and hydrate yourself with this vegan body bar containing glycolic acid, sea kelp, + jojoba!