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Happy Holidays! We hope you love your box!



More about the items in your box:

Ruff House Print Shop - Jotter (Women Owned)

Ruff House is a woman owned and run letterpress print shop in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. Their team of 10 women spends the day creating products, fulfilling orders and chatting up local customers!

Air Plant - The Artizan Way (Women Owned)

The greenhouse where they grow and care for their plants is on the same property as their home. Their plants have constant oversight and care, which makes all the difference in the health and beauty of their plants. 

Organics & Oddities - Ceramic Plant Holder (Women/BIPOC Owned)

Organics X Oddities is a small BIPOC business and a one woman show run by Cameo, who works at a non-profit organization, that blends her passion for environmental sustainability and giving back to her community.

River Birch - Balsam & Cedar Candle (Black & Women Owned)

River Birch believes that all companies should be a force of good, and focus on sustainable practices and giving back to those in need. For each candle purchased, they donate one meal to an individual facing hunger in America through Feeding America and the Stewpot Dallas.