FF Box Experience

Thank you for ordering the Founders' Box!

We hope you love everything we curated for you. Here's a special code GYFTFAM for 10% off your next order!


We created a playlist of all emerging BIPOC artists for you to listen to while you enjoy your morning Vietnamese Coffee from Copper Cow (Asian Owned, Female Founded) and Vanilla Chocolate from Taza (Latinx).



There are so many uses for your peppermint essential oil from Charlene's Naturals (Black Owned, Female Founded):

  • Headaches (dot it on your temples)
  • Bug bites (put on affected areas)
  • Reduce Nausea (inhale the scent through your nose, you can put some on your wrists first and inhale on there)
  • Pest Control (add 3-5 drops per gallon of water and spray this mixture on your plants, soil, or around your house where you are trying to get rid of pests)


We hope the candle from Penn + Beech (Female Founded) relaxes you. 

The custom GYFTING scent we created contains Bergamot + Grapefruit, which are both said to be pain relieving and help elevate mood and reduce stress.

The dandelion is representative of our GYFTING signature yellow -- when our founders stumbled upon the Pantone color code, they found out it was named Dandelion. When they looked up the floral meaning of Dandelion, it was aptly: "to give happiness in the form of a gift". We hope this box fulfills that meaning for you!