Dog Box Experience

We hope you love your BUDDY BOX!



Here is a playlist we made for your pup to unwind and relax to:



Here's more about the products in your box:


    Donutz by Zippy Paws (Asian Female Founded)

    This plush squeaky toy is perfect for any pup with a playful side! 

    Zippy Tuff Red Holiday Ball by Zippy Paws (Asian Female Founded) 

    This classic Zippy Tuff is extremely durable and is perfect for a day of play in the yard.

    PB + Banana Minis by Dog Mamas (Female Founded)

    These delicious treats are so good that even we would eat them! 

    Dry Shampoo by Natural Pet Pals (Black Female Owned)

    In between washes for your pup? This dry shampoo is sure to hold you over in the meantime!

    Paw Balm by Benjamin Soap Company (Female Founded)

    After a long day of playing with your toys, take care of your pups paws with this soothing paw balm!