Buddy Box Experience

We hope you love your BUDDY BOX!



Here is a playlist we made for your pup to unwind and relax to:



Here's more about the products in your box:


    Donutz by Zippy Paws (Asian Female Founded)

    This plush squeaky toy is perfect for any pup with a playful side! 

    Zippy Tuff Red Holiday Ball by Zippy Paws (Asian Female Founded) 

    This classic Zippy Tuff is extremely durable and is perfect for a day of play in the yard.

    Pumpkin Minis by Dog Mama's (Female Founded)

    These delicious treats are so good that even we would eat them! 


    Paw & Bum Wipes by Dog Drop (Female Founded)

    These on to go aloe scented wipes are great for keeping your pup so fresh and clean!