Dio holiday 2021

Happy Holidays!


What's In Your Box:



When it comes to taking on big goals, we need energy levels that match the mission. Neuro Mints Energy & Focus are specially formulated with natural caffeine, L-theanine, and B-vitamins to sustain the mental endurance necessary to stay focused on your goals.


Kent and Ryan met in college. Kent trained with the Japanese Olympic Judo team, painted as a muralist for the city of Los Angeles, and competed internationally in Muay Thai. Meanwhile, Ryan trained with the U.S. Paralympic team while holding a 2nd degree black belt in Kendo. They didn't want to take mysterious supplements or energy drinks when studying, training, or going out. Instead of something sugary and ineffective, they wanted clean, balanced energy... something that could be taken anywhere, anytime. When they learned others learned they weren’t alone, they launched a campaign and Neuro Mints were born.




The Small Arlo Tech Organizer translates to, “Welcome home, cords.” Never again will cords find themselves lonely and tangled at the bottom of your bag. This tech organizer was designed with elastic loops to efficiently and effectively store cords, smaller chargers, and other tech accessories (or techcessories, as we like to say). And should you need even more storage, there’s an exterior Airmesh slip pocket so no random knick knack gets left behind.

The lining and dust bag are made from Repreve® recycled polyester – a durable, versatile material that turns recycled bottles into bags

DAGNE DOVER  was founded by three women in 2013. Three women who come from different backgrounds but have similar drive and passion. When fate (okay, fate and a lot of hustle and hard work) intervened, these three women formed Dagne Dover - a company aimed at making lives easier through empathy and good design. 




Restore, put yourself in balance with a rejuvenating blend of natural herbs. Recover, get back to feeling your best after a long day. Recharge, boost your body and feel amped to take on whatever comes your way.

The main goal for The Plug was to bring to our customers a functional recovery drink that would help them optimize their own lifestyles.


Besides increasing the productivity of more than 10,000+ customers, we as a Company understand the true power of plants.  One simple drink is creating a better future with more opportunity, healthier choices, and ultimately more fun.


REUSABLE METAL STRAW - The Last Straw (Female Founded)